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French Touch

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Complete beginners


Discover French in 3 hours! This course gives you the basics and the tools to introduce French into your daily life and develop your new skills by yourself. Learn everyday sentences, find out how French works, and discover the secrets of French pronunciation. You will then be guided to organise your learning to allow you to progress.

This course is a great step for joining the ‘French Coffee and Conversation – Level 1’ class.



Before we meet, we will send you multimedia resources to explain some basic French expressions. We’ll start with a first conversation and you’ll find you already know a lot of French words (identical or very similar in other languages!) and we’ll practise the French pronunciation. We’ll explain key principles of the French language, which will serve as a ‘frame’ for your learning. We’ll then work through a list of very useful and simple verbs. Most of these are ‘transparent’, so it will be easy to memorize them. Finally, we will practise an easy way of expressing yourself in the past and the future, because you will need this right away to communicate!

At the end of the three hours, you will have an overview of French, the tools to communicate immediately, and the means to develop your French.

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Weekdays from 9 am to 6 pm, according to availability.



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