I stayed for seven weeks in Elodie’s lovely house over summer 2017. In short, I would suggest that any traveler would be hard pressed to find a lovelier home in which to stay.

If that were not enough though, the real jewel in the crown is Elodie herself – a hugely gifted and ever-patient French teacher, she combines her passion for language with a genuine interest in all other cultures and peoples. She is extraordinarily welcoming, considerate and consistently warm. Nothing is ever too much trouble and her knowledge of Montpellier is encyclopedic – her love for the city and the region is very evident.

Firstly, the location – if the purpose of your visit is within the city of Montpellier, then walking access is crucial (the city center is pedestrianized), together with easy access to the excellent tram network. Elodie’s home could not be better situated – it’s in a quiet residential street, yet within a one minute walk of the tram stop, two minutes to the major shopping mall, three minutes to the main railway station, four minutes to Place de la Comédie and five minutes to the delights of the city’s ancient district. Equally, the modern quarter of Antigone, with its superb Olympic Pool, Médiathèque and Sunday morning market is just a short walk away. Access from the airport is just as easy – just a hop on the shuttle bus to Place de L’Europe, then a short walk. The house is a delight – over a century old, with many original features, and very lovingly restored. An outstanding feature of the home is the gorgeous sun terrace, overlooking the equally gorgeous garden – perfect for al fresco dining (and breakfasting), this is a real oasis, sheltered by tall, mature trees and the sounds of nature.

Jeremy Barton
Jeremy Barton – England
French BA University of Leeds

The classes will proceed exactly as you wish, with a cup of tea, a madeleine cake or an apple. Indeed, Elodie has managed to create a likable – ‘hyggelig’ (the term I would use as a Dane) – atmosphere in her home 1 minute walk from the tram as well as the centre of Montpellier. 

I have learned much more from Elodie than any other French course I have ever attended. She has a pedagogical and very reasonable way of teaching. Whether you are an exchange student, a businessman or an elder couple you will not find anyone better to live with or at least learn French from than Elodie – Elodie will meet everyone in the same open-minded way.

I lived in Elodie’s B&B for some weeks. Rather, I would say that I lived with Elodie. I give Elodie and the home in rue Cité Benoit 6 out of 5 stars.  Not only Elodie open her home to you, she also lets you into her life, she engages with you and introduces you to friends and family. I doubt you can find anyone more kind, sociable, helpful, prudent and good-natured than Elodie.

Emilie Ravn
Emilie Ravn – Denmark
Denmark Kafferiet Esplanaden

You will be hard-pressed to find a better language instructor in Montpellier.

Elodie Ressouches/InSitu French School provide for personalized and very thorough French language training in the heart of Montpellier. There are accommodations on-site in a learning conducive environment of a town-house/flat near the Polygon/Antigone and the train station. Elodie is a personable teacher who cares deeply for her students’ success and goes to all lengths to ensure student’s learning objectives.

Marc Mori
Marc Mori – USA
Integrated Global Security Solutions Nuance Blue

Exceeding her scope as an instructor, Elodie has shared cultural information, and even tips about local events, which has assisted greatly in my integration and my appreciation of life in France.

Over eight months, I have come to know and appreciate Elodie’s knowledge and skills in teaching a foreign language. Her genuine dedication to teachning others and to assisting them in their integration in France is clear. Elodie effectively teaches the defined language program. At the same time, she introduces many day-to-day nuances that are invaluable to a new expat in France.

Ken Clarke
Ken Clarke – USA
Manager Efficiency and Best Practices Air Liquide

Elodie is an experienced teacher, with a keen feeling for the student’s actual needs rather than some preconceived teaching scheme.

Elodie has been my French teacher for six months. We have had almost weekly one and a half hour sessions one-on-one. Her pronunciation is extremely clear, she has humour and she is well oriented in French culture as a whole.

Lars Freden
Lars Freden – Sweden
Head of the International Relations Department European Space Agency

Elodie has always been very patient and her positive attitude has helped me to keep up the momentum of continuous improvement.

Elodie has been my French teacher for one year, providing private lessons twice a week. She is both professional in her demeanor and has a good sense of humor to keep things light. Beyond simply teaching the language, Elodie has also been good at lending insight into French culture, regional accents and slang. All of which is an important compliment to learning the language itself. I would highly recommend Elodie as a compliment to any organization looking for an enthusiastic, well-rounded and highly capable teacher of French.

Laura Parkan – USA
Strategic Planning - Large Industries Air Liquide

Grosse Fortschritte wurden innerhalb der 30 Stunden gemacht, und konnten sofort unserer Mitarbeiterin in ihrer Tätigkeit weiterhelfen

Elodie wurde uns als Französischlehrerin zugewiesen. Eine unsere Angestellten, die seit mehr als 20 Jahren in Frankreich lebt, Französisch gut spricht, benötigte mehr Kenntnisse in der Rechtschreibung. Elodie stellte sich schnell auf die Probleme unserer Mitarnbeiterein ein und wählte Themen der Grammatik und Rechtschreibung aus, mit Übungen, individuel auf die Person zugescheidert. Elodie Untericht war interessant, abwechslungsreich und stets motivierend. Wir bedauern sehr, dass der Untericht mit Elodie nicht weiterführen werden kann.

Drapeau de l'Allemagne
Heidi Eon – Germany
Trade and Transaction Manager Commerzbank

Elodie genuinely cares for the student’s personal interests, thus providing a course perfectly tailored to his/her needs.

We had just moved to Paris from Chicago and learning French was one of my priorities. From the beginning I discovered many valuable qualities my new teacher has. She is very professional and at the same time extremely encouraging and supportive. She maintains rigor in her course while conducting it in an agreeable manner. I believe it is her genuine interest, intelligence and competence that are at the root of this wonderful connection she makes with her student.

Drapeau américain
Doina Marin – USA