InSitu French School - French 1 on 1 - Cours de français à Montpellier

French 1 on 1

Enjoy the ultimate in flexibility with private lessons

To help you to improve quickly your French, we set up a tailor-made course to your availability and goals. It will allow you to learn efficiently at your own pace.

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French for pros - InSitu French School

French For Pros

Professional training in French

Organize professional training courses for your colleagues with InSitu French School, referenced in the DataDock. We set up individual courses and group courses adapted to the trainees’ objectives and the business sector.

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InSitu French School - French Touch - Initiation à Montpellier

French Touch

Get the basics of French in 3 hours

This course gives you the basics and the tools to develop French by yourself. You will learn how French works, discover the secrets of French pronunciation, begin to organize your learning to ensure you progress quickly.

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French For Teens

Offer your teen a unique experience of full immersion

The ‘French for Teens’ programme combines homestay and breakfast with French language courses. Local activitiesvisits, and volunteering can be organised, tailored to your teen’s preferences, ensuring he/she enjoys all that Montpellier and its surroundings have to offer.

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InSitu French School - Montpellier

French Conversation

Improve your oral skills and get confident

Practise French with people at the same language level, in a friendly atmosphere. Improve your oral skills in French, extend your vocabulary, and reinforce your grammar knowledge.

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French Cuisine

French Cuisine

Come and cook with us in French

Gourmets and explorers of taste: improve your French by learning, practising, and memorising while cooking, and pushe the limits of culinary practices and discover original foods, flavours, and recipes.

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InSitu French School - French BnB - Immersion en français à Montpellier

French BnB

Enjoy a full immersion in French life

Go local with Elodie and turn your stay into a fun cultural experience! Progress quickly and almost effortlessly thanks to an immersive stay at Elodie’s 100-year old house.

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French fo groups

French For Groups

Craft an unforgettable stay for your group

Take your group to Montpellier for a tailor-made cultural and linguistic trip! Classes, teams of teachers, adult francophiles, colleagues, groups of friends, families… we have solutions for you and we offer the most suitable courses, activities, visits, and accommodations.

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