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Progress rapidly in French, with private classes tailored to your goals, your learning style, and your schedule.

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These private classes combine informal discussion with formal tuition. During the discussion, I take notes of areas for improvement, which we then study together in the lessons. Your progress is therefore based on your needs. Language is brought to life through various activities based on your professional or personal centers of interest.

◊ Courses can be supported by your company if you have a French contract: discover our program French For Pros.

◊ We create custom language and cultural programs: discover the program French 1-on-1 made-to-measure.

◊ Willing to have classes with another person? Check French 2 on 1.

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Weekdays from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm, according to availability.



  • Andrew Tate (Australia/England)

‘I came to InSitu French School knowing only a few words in french but with the intention of learning french correctly as a long term goal. Elodie was extremely patient and took great care in helping me build and craft a very solid and correct base of the french language, to the point where after 7 weeks of hard work from both of us I was able to speak and comprehend and had the confidence to put myself in almost any situation, mostly with great success. The teaching method Elodie uses is great as it focuses on real-world situations and helps you build confidence to use the language right from the first day. She also addresses all the nuances between written and spoken French and helps to ensure you learn to speak as a native speaker would. Elodie was the best teacher, professor, coach, and language parent I could have asked for and she did it all with a smile. Whether you are in Montpellier for a short or extended stay, I couldn’t recommend a better way to improve your French. Thank you again for everything and I will hopefully see you again soon, Elodie. Andrew’

  • Petra Werkman (Netherlands)

‘I have had the most wonderful experience with Elodie! I couldn’t be happier with the classes I followed at InSitu French School. Because Elodie provides the unique opportunity to create a programme that is specifically adapted to your situation, the classes were always very rewarding and really helped me to improve my French.
Also, Elodie is an amazing teacher. She is very kind, caring, and encouraging. She listens carefully to what you want to learn and also gives her own suggestions for improvement and learning. For instance, she truly helped me with my grammar and also with identifying mistakes I make regularly.
Moreover, the classes were always fun and cozy because we just discussed certain topics over a cup of tea or coffee, or we practised grammar in a creative way. I really cannot think of a better way to become comfortable with the language and make it your own.
As for me, my experience at InSitu French School made me even more enthusiastic about the French language and culture. So, I can really recommend InSitu French School to anyone.
Thank you again so much for everything Elodie, I would love to visit you again someday!’

  • Carolina Juhas (Brazil)

‘I came to Montpellier and had no idea where to study until I read the recommendations from here. Elodie is patient and helped me to work on my language weakness. She has a good methodology and a nice way to teach. And has good tips about Montpellier and other places to visit/what to doIt was a short time but really great!’

  • Marjo Michon (Finland)

‘I am very happy with my experience with Elodie. She is an excellent teacher, very friendly and the atmosphere with her is always very pleasant and relaxed. Learning French with her is a very effective way and Elodie is able to find just the right things for me to learn. I warmly recommend this school in Montpellier!’

  • Derek Keogh (Ireland)

‘Elodie is a very experienced teacher and a great guide through the intricacies of the French language. I can’t see how anyone could not benefit from her tuition.’

  • Federica Zambon (Italy)

‘My boyfriend and I had the pleasure to have Elodie as our private French teacher during our 1-month stay in Montpellier. We both enjoyed the one-on-one classes, which helped us to significantly improve our language skills as well as learning a lot about the city of Montpellier and its attractions, food, special and secret corners. We strongly recommend Elodie to anyone that aims to learn French in an effective and pleasant way right in the city center. Merci Elodie!’

  • Barbara Lehaf (Australia)

Elodie is a wonderful teacher, very experienced, so kind, encouraging and patient. The notes Elodie prepared during our lessons are an excellent resource for future reference. The program was adapted to my specific requirements and I feel more confident in communicating in French, which was my aim. I would highly recommend Elodie to any student of the French language. Merci beaucoup!’

  • Valerie Mc Millan (USA)

This is the place to learn French! The school is convenient, comfortable, and very welcoming. Elodie was always very professional, but she has a knack for making you feel like you are visiting a friend. It’s the perfect atmosphere for learning – relaxed but on point. In addition, she is flexible and can change the pace and focus of the lessons as needed. She also is very adept at using a myriad of resources for teaching and practice. In my experience, she does not have a set curriculum, but rather picks subjects and resources to fit the needs of the student. Her style of focusing conversation and lessons on real-life people and places in the area makes the lessons stick and also gives you a good feel for Montpellier and its surroundings. Elodie cares about her students and works hard to devise multiple strategies for learning. I would recommend this French school to anyone. Thanks for a great learning experience, Elodie!’

  • Marc Mori (USA)

You will be hard pressed to find a better language instructor in Montpellier. Elodie Ressouches/InSitu French School provides personalized and thorough French language training in the heart of Montpellier.’

  • Emilie Ravn (Denmark)

I have learned much more from Elodie than any other French course I have ever attended. Elodie teaches all kind of levels – while I was there, there were three other people having classes with her. Elodie has a pedagogical and very reasonable way of teaching. The classes will proceed exactly as you wish while being served a cup of tea, a madeleine cake, or slices of apple. Indeed, Elodie has managed to create a likable – ‘hyggelig’ (the term I would use as a Dane) – atmosphere.’

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