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InSitu French School is referenced in the DataDock.

InSitu French School est référencé dans le DataDock.

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Develop the skills of your employees thanks to:
group classes adapted to the professional sector of your company,
tailor-made individual courses based on the employees’ goals and schedule.

Courses can take place :
in class at InSitu French School,
on your premises,
– or online.



Vocational training courses aim to make your employees operational quickly. This is why the trainer implements an exclusive programme created at InSitu French School. The professional sector of the company is taken into account in order to train trainees in the vocabulary specific to their profession.

The courses are also based on many documents related to Montpellier and its region, which leads trainees to discover their adopted city and understand how it works. Social rites, peculiarities of the South of France, or local expressions: your collaborators will be immersed in our culture to integrate with serenity.

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Weekdays between 9 am and 6 pm.



‘Elodie Ressouches offers a great language program that is personal, flexible, and comprehensive. She develops her program geared directly towards each individual student’s goals and ability and is flexible and accommodating with the class schedule. She uses Skype and in-person classes for teaching which also provides flexibility. I have been taking classes from Elodie off and on for 2 years and plan to continue.

‘Exceeding her scope as an instructor, Elodie has shared cultural information, and even tips about local events, which has assisted greatly in my integration and my appreciation of life in France. Over eight months, I have come to know and appreciate Elodie’s knowledge and skills in teaching a foreign language. Her genuine dedication to teaching others and assisting them in their integration in France is clear. Elodie effectively teaches the defined language program. At the same time, she introduces many day-to-day nuances that are invaluable to a new expat in France.’

‘Elodie is an experienced teacher, with a keen feeling for the student’s actual needs rather than some preconceived teaching scheme. Elodie has been my French teacher for six months. We have had almost weekly one and a half hour sessions one-on-one. Her pronunciation is extremely clear, she has humour and she is well oriented in French culture as a whole.’

‘Elodie has always been very patient and her positive attitude has helped me to keep up the momentum of continuous improvement. Elodie has been my French teacher for one year, providing private lessons twice a week. She is both professional in her demeanor and has a good sense of humor to keep things light. Beyond simply teaching the language, Elodie has also been good at lending insight into French culture, regional accents, and slang. All of which is an important complement to learning the language itself. I would highly recommend Elodie as a compliment to any organization looking for an enthusiastic, well-rounded and highly capable teacher of French.’

‘I learned French in an open way with a lot of communication. One day, Elodie asked me if maybe, as a meteorologist, I was interested in going to Meteo France and the control tower of the airport! An unforgettable week, especially those visits. Thank you, Elodie!’

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