Rules of procedure



This reminder of the rules of good behaviour is part of the educational mission of InSitu French School, whose activities tend to objectivity of knowledge, while respecting diversity of opinion.


Article 1 | Scope

These rules of good conduct concern:

  • all learners of InSitu French School
  • all InSitu French School staff
  • all service providers employed by InSitu French School
  • and, in general, to any natural or legal person present, in any capacity whatsoever, within InSitu French School (ex: staff of external or hosted organisations, service providers, visitors, guests, volunteers).


Article 2 | Hierarchy of internal regulations

Persons in establishments or organisations separate from the establishment may not avail themselves of any provisions that are contrary to or inconsistent with the provisions of these rules of procedure.


Principles of internal order




Article 3 | General behaviour

3.1. The behavior of people, whether by their actions, their words, or their writings, should not be of a nature:

  • to undermine the public order and the proper functioning of the establishment
  • unlawfully creating disruption in the conduct of teaching activities (courses, exams, etc.), administrative activities, cultural activities and, in general, any authorised event
  • to undermine the principle of secularism
  • to undermine the health, hygiene, and safety of persons and property
  • to undermine the materials made available within the establishment.

3.2. In general, the behaviour of persons must comply with the rules commonly accepted in respect of others and civility, as well as laws and regulations in force.


Article 4 | Harassment

4.1. In particular, offenses punishable under the conditions provided for in the Penal Code:

  • harassing others through repeated acts that have as their object or effect a deterioration of working conditions that may affect their rights and dignity, alter their physical or mental health or jeopardise their professional future
  • harassing others for the purpose of obtaining favours of a sexual nature
  • harassing others for the purpose of gaining material benefits.

4.2. Harassment may give rise to a disciplinary sanction independent of the implementation of criminal proceedings.


Article 5 | Use of the means of communication

Without prejudice to the regulations specific to examinations, the use of mobile phones and all means of communication and transmission is prohibited during teaching, unless with permission of the teacher.


Article 6 | Plagiarism Counterfeiting

6.1. In accordance with the Code of Intellectual Property, any representation or reproduction in whole or in part of a work of the mind made without the consent of its author is unlawful.

6.2. Counterfeiting or plagiarism may give rise to a disciplinary sanction independent of the implementation of civil and criminal proceedings.


Article 7 | Effects and personal items

InSitu French School cannot be held responsible for the disappearance of or damage to personal property, which is always deemed to remain in the custody of its owner or holder.


Article 8 | Personnel and learning files

8.1. The use of files, including registration files, is carried out in compliance with the European regulation on the protection of personal data, which entered into force on May 25, 2018 (RGPD).

In addition, the learner has a right of access and rectification for the data which concerns him/her.

8.2. The learner accepts that InSitu French School uses his email address for the purpose of sending internal newsletters on topics such as courses or events, and so on, as well as information of a practical nature (local, modification of schedule, etc.).

8.3. The private addresses of InSitu French School staff and learners cannot be communicated by the services to learners, staff, or third parties without prior agreement.




Article 9 | Alcohol and drugs

It is forbidden to enter or remain in the facility while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.

Consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.


Article 10 | No smoking

Smoking is only permitted outside the buildings.


Article 11 | Compliance with safety instructions

11.1. Regardless of where the information is located within the establishment, it is essential for everyone to know and respect the following:

  • general safety instructions, including on fire evacuation
  • special safety instructions, particularly those relating to the possession or handling of dangerous products

11.2. The documents posted or distributed within InSitu French School should be referred to.


Article 12 | Introduction of substance or material

Subject to the express authorisation of the competent authorities, it is forbidden to introduce or transport onto the premises of the association any substance, any material, or any instrument dangerous, illicit, harmful to the health or contrary to the imperatives of healthiness or of public order.




Article 13 | Law enforcement in the premises

13.1. The director of InSitu French School, or her representative, is responsible for the order and security of the premises and premises primarily assigned to the institution in her charge.

13.2. The director and/or her representative is/are competent to take any temporary measure necessary to ensure the maintenance of order. The facts which lead to the pronouncement of such a measure may give rise to disciplinary proceedings.


Article 14 | Access to teaching spaces and administrative spaces

14.1. Access to the different spaces and premises is strictly reserved for learners, teachers, and staff of the establishment, as well as any duly authorised person, and is strictly forbidden to animals.

14.2. Access and presence may be limited for reasons related in particular to security and be dependent on the presentation of the student or professional card and/or the opening of bags or vehicle safes.

14.3. The personnel of external companies must bear identification of the organisation or society which they represent.


Article 15 | Traffic and parking

No means of transport (motorised or not) will be allowed inside the premises.


Article 16 | Use of premises

The premises must be used in accordance with their assignment, their destination, and the teaching mission of InSitu French School.


Article 17 | Learner identification

17.1. The student card, or personal and registered document, must allow the quick and unambiguous identification of registered learners.

17.2. The card gives access to the premises of InSitu French School. It must be presented to InSitu French School authorities whenever requested. Refusal will expose the learner to disciplinary proceedings.

17.3. All loans, exchanges, falsifications, and/or attempts to falsify cards are prohibited and are punishable by criminal and disciplinary sanctions.


Article 18 | Penalties for the violation of these rules of good conduct

In the event of non-observance of any of these rules, the sanctions can be warning or exclusion, temporary or definitive, without reimbursement of expenses incurred. Any decision taken in this regard shall be the subject of a reasoned notification sent by registered mail or any other means of communication allowing proof of its sending – in particular electronic mail.