General Terms and Conditions of Business


Welcome to InSitu French School, the French school run by Frenchly SASU.

InSitu French School asks you to comply with these conditions. These apply to the premises of InSitu French School, at 25 rue Cité Benoit, 34000 Montpellier.



To book your course, you must complete the registration form on the InSitu French School website at the following addresses:
– French version:,
– English version:

In order to validate your reservation, it is necessary to pay a deposit of 50% if you book four weeks before the first day of the course, or the full price of the course if you book less than four weeks before the first day of class.

Upon receipt of your form and your deposit or full payment, we will reserve your place and your possible accommodation. No reservation can be guaranteed without the deposit or the totality of the payment.



Payment must be made in euros regardless of the method of payment chosen. Bank charges are the responsibility of the customer.

You can make payment for your reservation:

. by bank transfer in euros to our bank account:

Company: Frenchly SASU
IBAN: FR76 3000 4006 4000 0106 6695 186

Bank code: 30004
Agency Code: 00640
Account number: 00010666951
RIB key: 86
Agency of domiciliation: BNPPARIBAS MONTPELLIER (00640)

Please specify your name when transferring.

. by French check in euros to the order of “Frenchly SASU”;

. in cash in the premises InSitu French School (within the limit of 1000 euros).

If a deposit has been paid, the full payment must be made no later than four weeks before the first day of the course.



You have a period of 7 days to exercise your right of withdrawal according to the European Directive 97/7 CE.


Any cancellation must be sent by email at least 7 days before the course. The cancellation will be effective from the confirmation of receipt of the email.

Cancellation fees:

The registration fee of 10 euros is due for any cancellation once the withdrawal period has expired.

The cancellation fees are as follows:
– 30% of the amount due if canceled more than 30 days before the start of the course,
– 50% of the amount due if cancellation between 8 and 30 days before the beginning of the course,
– 100% of the amount due for a cancellation 14 days or less before the start of the course.

In case of an early departure, the course remains due in full, no refund can be made. In cases of force majeure (illness, family death, injury accident), a postponement of the course may be considered upon written request subject to presentation of receipts. A third party can not benefit from this postponement.

For the cancellation of accommodation with a host family, a week of accommodation (7 nights) is non-refundable. Stays of less than 7 nights are not refunded.

In case of refusal of visa and if the customer does not want to renew his request, the stay deducted from 10 € registration fee will be refunded upon receipt of the original letter of refusal from the Embassy.



One class can not be exchanged for another.



Trainees are required to respect the school rules posted on the information boards and can be consulted by clicking on this link: Rules of Procedure – InSitu French School. Guests staying with a host family must respect the rules of family life.

InSitu French School reserves the right to send back a client without reimbursement, particularly in the event of possession, drug use, excessive alcohol consumption, drunkenness, vandalism, repeated disruption of courses, repeated violations of the rules of the school, harassment or threat to other students or staff.



InSitu French School reserves the right to change course schedules without notice.

You are kindly requested to arrive on time in order not to disturb its smooth running. If you are too late or too late, you may be denied access to the course.



InSitu French School may film and photograph its clients in the context of classes or activities and distribute these videos and photographs on its promotional material (website, brochures, videos, etc.). Acceptance of these terms and conditions is the express authorization of the client for the publication of images for a period of 15 years.

In case of refusal of the broadcast, the trainee will inform InSitu French School in writing.



The customer is obliged to take out insurance personally with the insurance company of his choice, in order to cover all the risks (illness, theft, accident, etc.) to which he may be exposed during his journey and / or travel to and from InSitu French School, during courses and / or excursions / trips / non-educational events proposed and / or organized by InSitu French School.

InSitu French School accepts no responsibility towards guests during their stay.

Health: Trainees are responsible for any health problem or accident. InSitu French School reserves the right to refuse access to the course to any student suffering from physical or mental illnesses that were not reported during registration or declaring after arrival a pathology likely to endanger the students and the student. staff present at the institute.

It is recalled that InSitu French School, for its part, has subscribed all the necessary guarantees with the insurance company AVIVA (contract n ° 77991666) to cover all the risks related to the operation of its activities commercial (protection of individuals and property in the premises and in case of educational outing).



InSitu French School is not a closed study center, so minors have no restrictions on their outings outside class hours. Parents who choose our school must ensure that their child is mature, independent and responsible enough to go out and take public transportation without adult supervision to and from school.

Minors’ parents will be required to sign a release authorizing their child to go out without adult supervision and to participate in educational activities.

A medical questionnaire should be completed and a telephone number for emergencies should be provided.



In accordance with the French calendar, the school will be closed on public holidays. No classes will be taught these days.

InSitu French School is also closed on the dates communicated to customers by email.



In case of danger or fire, follow the instructions of the InSitu French School personnel present on the premises. Any accident or incident in the center must be reported to InSitu French School by the injured trainee or bystanders.

Smoking is prohibited on the premises, inside and outside. In order to keep the street as clean as possible, it is forbidden to throw cigarette butts or trash outside the bins provided for this purpose.

InSitu French School reserves the right to send back a student without refund including in case of possession, consumption of illegal products, heavy alcohol consumption, drunkenness, vandalism, repeated disruption of courses, repeated violations of the rules of the school. school, harassment or threat to other students or staff members.



All the data that is useful when you register is processed and collected in order to provide you with the best possible service. These data are reserved for internal use. The French law on data protection gives you the right to access and rectify your details. If you wish to exercise your right, you can contact us at



Any suggestion or complaint concerning the organization or the progress of your stay can be made via the claim form which you can ask the InSitu French School team.

In case of dispute, the Court of Montpellier will have sole jurisdiction.