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Andrew Tate

Andrew Small at InSitu French School

Australia / England

About French 1 on 1

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‘I came to InSitu French School knowing only a few words in french but with the intention of learning french correctly as a long term goal. Elodie was extremely patient and took great care in helping me build and craft a very solid and correct base of the french language, to the point where after 7 weeks of hard work from both of us I was able to speak and comprehend and had the confidence to put myself in almost any situation, mostly with great success.

The teaching method Elodie uses is great as it focuses on real-world situations and helps you build confidence to use the language right from the first day.

She also addresses all the nuances between written and spoken French and helps to ensure you learn to speak as a native speaker would. Elodie was the best teacher, professor, coach, and language parent I could have asked for and she did it all with a smile.

Whether you are in Montpellier for a short or extended stay, I couldn’t recommend a better way to improve your French. Thank you again for everything and I will hopefully see you again soon, Elodie.


‘If you are in Montpellier, and want to improve your French conversation skills, contact InSitu French School. I have spent two years participating in the twice-a-week conversation classes with Élodie at InSitu and highly recommend the school!

A talented, imaginative and creative teacher, she has a real gift at facilitating conversation, interjecting questions and offering some corrections during the first hour. It is a true skill to offer corrections appropriate for the level of the speaker, corrections that help but do not disrupt the flow of conversation. It is also a skill, usually unrecognized, to facilitate conversation among strangers, find common ground, and make people from many countries comfortable talking with each other.

While the conversation proceeds, she unobtrusively makes notes on her laptop. The class then spends the last 30 minutes reviewing grammar structures, phrases, pronunciation based on that hour’s conversation. This is important! It means that students learn, at a level appropriate for each individual, exactly what one needs to use in conversation because the conversation itself determines the vocabulary, the grammar, the common phrases. It is brilliant!

What’s more, she is flexible and creative, willing to accommodate student’s ideas and preferences. When I mentioned that I make a list of phrases I stumble over when speaking with strangers, she was willing to help with that list. Élodie sends us the organized notes and corrections, which is very helpful for me, not only as a memory aid but because they always provide a base for further study.

What’s more, Élodie’s enthusiasm is contagious, and the classes are always fun! She shares her knowledge and recommendations about Montpellier, so not only is my French improving, but I learn about the city, make friends from many different countries, and have a delightful time.’

Peter Jenson and Claudia Portes

InSitu French School

England / Mexico / Spain

About French 2 on 1

‘We had no previous experience of French but after just a few days with Elodie we were able to have short conversations. Her method is very effective.

The classes are fast-moving so you never get bored. She gets right to the heart of what you need to know in order to progress quickly.’

‘El método de Elodie es muy efectivo, tomamos clases por dos horas durante una semana y al final de la misma pudimos tener pequeñas conversaciones.
Las clases muy bien estructuradas con distinttos tipos de ejercicios. Lo pasamos muy bien, nos gustaría volver. Muchas gracias, Elodie!’

Petra Werkman


About French 1 on 1

‘I have had the most wonderful experience with Elodie! I couldn’t be more happy with the classes I followed at InSitu French School. Because Elodie provides the unique opportunity to create a programme that is specifically adapted to your situation, the classes were always very rewarding and really helped me to improve my French.

Also, Elodie is an amazing teacher. She is very kind, caring, and encouraging. She listens carefully to what you want to learn, and also gives her own suggestions for improvement and learning. For instance, she truly helped me with my grammar, and also with identifying mistakes I make regularly.

Moreover, the classes were always fun and cozy, because we just discussed certain topics over a cup of tea or coffee, or practiced the grammar in a creative way. I really cannot think of a better way to become comfortable with the language and make it your own.

As for me, my experience at InSitu French School made me even more enthusiastic about the French language and culture. Therefore, I can really recommend InSitu French School to anyone.

Thank you again so much for everything Elodie, I would love to visit you again someday!’

‘Compared to the many other French classes I’ve taken, in high school, college, and at several language schools in France, I can honestly say that I have learned much more in a shorter period of time in Elodie’s congenial sessions. Elodie instantly makes everyone feel comfortable in the small group settings.

She makes sure that everyone gets a chance to participate equally. Unlike formal classes when students do very little speaking, the emphasis here is on oral production on a wide range of topics. Elodie gently coaxes you to say as much as you can with the French that you already have and then helps you extend your competence even further by providing you with new vocabulary items, phrases, and grammatical structures, along with cultural information about France.

Because the topics are nominated by the students themselves, they are relevant to your specific experiences and needs, although sometimes Elodie will shift the subject matter in a particular direction to get you to explore different grammatical forms or vocabulary items.

The one really wonderful thing that has helped me more than anything else is the 30-minute review session that follows the hour of conversation. Elodie carefully and thoroughly goes over the language items that you have stumbled over. At home, you can review these items (usually three or four pages worth!).

I fully endorse InSitu French School with no reservations.’

‘I cannot say enough good things about Insitu French School and Elodie, our teacher. I moved to France this past August 2018 but had not consistently taken French class since high school, so finding a school near me was important. There are a number of schools in Montpellier where one can learn French. So why did I choose Elodie and Insitu French School?

(1) This point is a little frivolous but certainly was what piqued my interest: Elodie’s website was the clearest and professional; it was very easy for me to understand my options, whereas the websites for other schools were unclear.

(2) Speaking of options, Elodie offers a number of different types of courses at different levels. ANYONE can find a class with her that fits his or her needs.

(3) I also really appreciate the flexibility of these courses. At other schools, you pay a price and you are committed to classes 5x a week. Given that I have other obligations during the week and live about 30 minutes away from Montpellier, taking a class every day in a very formal way simply wasn’t an option. With Insitu French School, I take classes twice a week, and if there is a day I cannot go, it isn’t a problem. I pay when I go, I don’t pay when I don’t go.

(4) The class size is very small and can vary from 2 people to 8 people depending on the day. We all have an opportunity to speak and receive feedback.

(5) The age of the students varies. I like that there are people both younger than me and older than me when I attend class, and it feels like we are simply socializing with friends in the living room.

(6) Because class sizes are small, I have actually become friends with my classmates. Insitu French School has become a very important social outlet for me.

(7) Elodie is a gentle and EFFECTIVE teacher. If like me, your French is on the weak side, it can be overwhelming to try to speak French. But I never feel judged by Elodie, and little by little, some of the reminders that she gives during the class are beginning to sink in. She is so patient; she will sometimes offer a correction and I KNOW I received that exact same correction in the last class, but she does not appear frustrated. This helps me to not become frustrated as well. Learning to communicate in another language is a process, and while my own progress is slow, I am making progress, and my classes with Elodie are a huge part of that success.

Beau Whitney


About French For Pros

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‘Elodie offers a great language program that is personal, flexible, and comprehensive. She develops her program geared directly towards each individual student’s goals and ability and is flexible and accommodating with the class schedule.

She uses Skype and in-person classes for teaching which also provides flexibility.

I have been taking classes from Elodie off and on for 2 years and plan to continue.’

Carolina Juhas

Carolina Juhas InSitu French School


About French 1 on 1

This review on Facebook.

‘I came to Montpellier and had no idea where to study until I read the recommendations from here.

Elodie is patient and helped me to work on my language weakness. She has a good methodology and a nice way to teach. And has good tips about Montpellier and other places to visit/what to do.

It was a short time but really great!’

Janine Phillips

Janine Phillips about InSitu French School


About French 1 on 1

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‘Elodie is a patient, thoughtful and supportive French teacher. She considers your needs and pushes you when necessary. I loved everything about my learning experience – the one on one sessions, the comfortable classroom and the flexibility to learn by doing.’

Bryan Ott

Bryan Ott about InSitu French School


About French 1 on 1

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‘I found InSitu through a friend, the professor is very kind and patient, while offering immediate correction in a positive way, to fix what is wrong but leave what was correct in place. Elodie is awesome to work with and I look forward to many more lessons in the future.’

Nara Cabeke


United Kingdom / Brazil

About French Coffee and Conversation

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‘I truly enjoy my twice a week French Classes Conversations at Insitu. Elodie is a smashing teacher, very creative and her didactics are amazing. The whole set-up of her classes is fun, with the right mix of conversation & grammar in a relaxing environment.

I moved to Montpellier in March 2018 and I must say, the only regret I have is not have found her school earlier, I am attending her classes since September but prior to that I went to another local French School and I was not impressed. I am very happy to have found such a gem in the « centre-ville ».

Whether you are just spending some time traveling in the region but also wishes to sharp your French, or want to learn from scratch or like me wants to improve your communications skills and grammar without having to attend daily classes – InSitu French School is the place to be.

You will not be disappointed, Elodie is Top-Notch!!’

Eric Gebhart

Erik Gebhart InSitu French School


About French 1 on 1 and
French Coffee and Conversation

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‘I have had experience with many language teachers, Elodie is among the best you will find. She is very gracious and welcoming and creates an environment where even the timidest students can be expressive.

Her style of teaching allows her students to be at the center of their own content creation so that they can connect and resonate with what they are learning.

The group and private lessons are a real pleasure, Elodie facilitates a balanced group dynamic where everyone can participate equally.

I always look forward to my next lesson !’

Marjo Michon

Marjo Michon InSitu French School


About French 1 on 1

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‘I am very happy with my experience with Elodie. She is an excellent teacher, very friendly and the atmosphere with her is always very pleasant and relaxed. Learning French with her is a very effective way and Elodie is able to find just the right things for me to learn.

I warmly recommend this school in Montpellier!’

‘The atmosphere is very conducive to learning. Conversation about everyday topics in a small group format lessens the stress of learning a new language.

Elodie is very skilled at ensuring each student participates.

The review at the end of each session is excellent.’

Carolus Boekema

Carolus Boekema, French Coffee & Conversation, InSitu French School

Netherlands / USA
Professeur de physique et d’astronomie
Université de San José (Etats-Unis)

About French Coffee and Conversation

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‘Elodie Ressouches of InSitu French School is one of the best French teachers, I have ever had. If five stars are the max, she deserves those all completely and six stars for friendliness.

Elodie conducts small classes in her international school in downtown Montpellier. Sometimes, there are less than four persons per séance.

She also organizes “Frunch / Friday French Lunch” (free of charge) on Fridays, where all her students and newbies can come, bring their lunch, talk with each other in French and a topic can be discussed.

Her style is conversational, applying the ”nature” method with only the needed grammar, pronunciation and of course corrections.

At the end of each séance, notes are being distributed and/or sent by email for further review at home.

Starting at high school, I have had several French classes, private lessons in Saratoga CA, Alliance Francais (Campbell CA) for several 10+-week periods, Accent Francais in Montpellier for three weeks, and InSitu for several séances. Elodie is in the top 5% of all my French professors.’

Valerie Mac Millan

Valerie Mac Millan, "French 1-on-1" InSitu French School


About French 1 on 1

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‘This is the place to learn French! The school is convenient, comfortable and very welcoming. I participated in a group course and then also took some private lessons.

Elodie was always very professional but she has a knack for making you feel like you are visiting a friend! It’s the perfect atmosphere for learning – relaxed but on point. In addition, she is flexible and can change the pace and focus of the lessons as needed.

She also is very adept at using a myriad of resources for teaching and practice. In my experience, she does not have a set curriculum, but rather picks subjects and resources to fit the needs of the student.

Her style of focusing conversation and lessons on real-life people and places in the area makes the lessons stick and also gives you a good feel for Montpellier and its surroundings.

Elodie cares about her students and works hard to devise multiple strategies for learning. She even occasionally hosts free lunchtime gatherings for folks to practice speaking French, where she provides help and notes at the end!

I would recommend this French school to anyone. Thanks for a great learning experience Elodie!’

Barbara Lehaf

Barbara Lehaf, "French 1-on-1" InSitu French School


About French 1 on 1

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‘Elodie is a wonderful teacher, very experienced, so kind, encouraging and patient.

The notes Elodie prepared during our lessons are an excellent resource for future reference. The program was adapted to my specific requirements and I feel more confident in communicating in french which was my aim.

I would highly recommend Elodie to any student of the french language. Merci beaucoup.’

Derek Keogh


About French 1 on 1

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‘Elodie is a very experienced teacher and a great guide through the intricacies of the French language. I can’t see how anyone could not benefit from her tuition.’

Federica Zambon

Federica Zambon, 1-on-1 Couuses, InSitu French School

Facility Specialist at Prada Germany GmbH

About French 1 on 1

‘My boyfriend and I had the pleasure to have Elodie as our private French teacher during our 1-month stay in Montpellier. We both enjoyed the one-on-one classes, which helped us to significantly improve our language skills as well as learning a lot about the city of Montpellier and its attractions, food, special and secret corners.

We strongly recommend Elodie to anyone that aims to learn French in an effective and pleasant way right in the city center. Merci Elodie!’

Eivind Bårdsen

Review Eivind Bardsen InSitu French School

Graphic Designer

Elodie is a very experienced French teacher who is very adept at adapting education to the students’ needs and interests.

The school itself is welcoming and homely in walking distance from most of the time. I took the course French Coffee & Conversation (once a week over several weeks). We spoke together in a small group together with Elodie, while she noted, answered questions and corrected along the way, after which we went through vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and expression.

I made noticeable progress, both in French and language comprehension.’

Sofia Söderberg

French 1-on-1 Sur mesure

Swedish Meteorological Institute

About French 1 on 1

‘I learned French in an open way with a lot of communication. One day, Elodie asked me if maybe, as a meteorologist, I was interested in going to Meteo France and the control tower of the airport! An unforgettable week, especially these visits. Thank you, Elodie!’

French 1-on-1 Sur mesure

Koichiro Takahara

Koichiro Takahara


About French 1 on 1

Bonjour Elodie ! It was nice to meet you. Thank you for your flexibility and customized French lessons! I already like to learn French. A bientôt !’

Jeremy Barton

Jeremy Barton


About French 1 on 1

‘I stayed for seven weeks in Elodie’s lovely linguistic B&B over summer 2017. In short, I would suggest that any traveler would be hard-pressed to find a lovelier place in which to stay. If that were not enough though, the real jewel in the crown is Elodie herself – a hugely gifted and ever-patient French teacher, she combines her passion for language with a genuine interest in all other cultures and peoples. She is extraordinarily welcoming, considerate and consistently warm. Nothing is ever too much trouble and her knowledge of Montpellier is encyclopedic – her love for the city and the region is very evident.

Firstly, the location – if the purpose of your visit is within the city of Montpellier, then walking access is crucial (the city center is pedestrianized), together with easy access to the excellent tram network. InSitu French School could not be better situated – it’s in a quiet residential street, yet within a one minute walk of the tram stop, two minutes to the major shopping mall, three minutes to the main railway station, four minutes to Place de la Comédie and five minutes to the delights of the city’s ancient district. Equally, the modern quarter of Antigone, with its superb Olympic Pool, Médiathèque and Sunday morning market is just a short walk away. Access from the airport is just as easy – just a hop on the shuttle bus to Place de L’Europe, then a short walk. The house is a delight – over a century old, with many original features, and very lovingly restored. An outstanding feature of the home is the gorgeous sun terrace, overlooking the equally gorgeous garden. This is a real oasis, sheltered by tall, mature trees and the sounds of nature.’

Emilie Ravn

Emilie Ravn


About French 1 on 1

‘The classes will proceed exactly as you wish, with a cup of tea, a madeleine cake or an apple. Indeed, Elodie has managed to create a likable – ‘hyggelig’ (the term I would use as a Dane) – atmosphere in her school 1-minute walk from the tram as well as the centre of Montpellier. 

I have learned much more from Elodie than any other French course I have ever attended. She has a pedagogical and very reasonable way of teaching. Whether you are an exchange student, a businessman or an elder couple you will not find anyone better to learn French from than Elodie – Elodie will meet everyone in the same open-minded way.

I doubt you can find anyone more kind, sociable, helpful, prudent and good-natured than Elodie.’

You will be hard-pressed to find a better language instructor in Montpellier. InSitu French School provides for personalized and very thorough French language training in the heart of Montpellier.

There are accommodations on-site in a learning conducive environment of a town-house/flat near the Polygon/Antigone and the train station. Elodie is a personable teacher who cares deeply for her student’s success and goes to all lengths to ensure student’s learning objectives.’

Ken Clarke

Ken Clarke

Manager Efficiency and Best Practices
Air Liquide

About French 1 on 1

‘Exceeding her scope as an instructor, Elodie has shared cultural information, and even tips about local events, which has assisted greatly in my integration and my appreciation of life in France. 

Over eight months, I have come to know and appreciate Elodie’s knowledge and skills in teaching a foreign language. Her genuine dedication to teaching others and assisting them in their integration in France is clear.

Elodie effectively teaches the defined language program. At the same time, she introduces many day-to-day nuances that are invaluable to a new expat in France.’

Lars Freden

Lars Freden

Head of the International Relations Department
European Space Agency

About French 1 on 1

‘Elodie is an experienced teacher, with a keen feeling for the student’s actual needs rather than some preconceived teaching scheme. Elodie has been my French teacher for six months.

We have had almost weekly one and a half hour sessions one-on-one. Her pronunciation is extremely clear, she has humour and she is well oriented in French culture as a whole.’

Laura Parkan

Strategic Planning – Large Industries
Air Liquide

About French 1 on 1

‘Elodie has always been very patient and her positive attitude has helped me to keep up the momentum of continuous improvement.

Elodie has been my French teacher for one year, providing private lessons twice a week. She is both professional in her demeanor and has a good sense of humor to keep things light. Beyond simply teaching the language, Elodie has also been good at lending insight into French culture, regional accents, and slang. All of which is an important complement to learning the language itself.

I would highly recommend Elodie as a compliment to any organization looking for an enthusiastic, well-rounded and highly capable teacher of French.’

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