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French Conversation

Practise French with people of the same level, in a friendly atmosphere. Get to know French life and meet new friends!

Aimed at international residents of Montpellier and the surrounding area, this course is an excellent way to practice and develop your French in a relaxed atmosphere. 

  • Intermediate & Advanced levels
  • 1.5h face-to-face classes
  • Up to 6 participants

What To Expect?

Each week, a small group of participants meets to discuss various topics and to review the notes taken and organized by the trainer. 
Intermediate Level

At this level, the aim is to practice French freely. We talk about everyday topics according to the participants’ interests, as well as the city and its current events. We also exchange tips and recommendations. In short, the aim is to speak as much French as possible and gain ease and confidence. 

Advanced Level

At this level, a specific topic is tackled each week, and participants can prepare with the help of articles and videos sent in advance by the trainer. After discussing the week’s news as a warm-up, the chosen topic is discussed. This is an opportunity to expand your vocabulary and strengthen your argumentation skills – dans la bonne humeur, bien sûr !

  • Part 1: discussion (1 hour)

We start our conversation with a drink. As we talk, I listen and make notes on new and useful vocabulary, verbs, and phrases, jotting down any common mistakes. All new words and phrases are presented in sample sentences from the conversation.

  • Part 2: debriefing (30 minutes)

We go through my comprehensive notes together. Each student then receives a copy of the document to take away with them.

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