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✔️ ‘An excellent teacher. Marjo 🇫🇮

✔️ ‘More confident in communicating.’ Barbara 

✔️ ‘A very important social outlet for me.’ Alexis 🇺🇸

✔️ ‘An amusing and enjoyable experience.’ Paulo 🇵🇹

✔️ ‘The best teacher, professor, coach.’ Andrew 🇬🇧

✔️ ‘Six stars for friendliness.’ Carolus

✔️ ‘Able to have short conversations after just a few days.’ Claudia 🇲🇽

5/5 user rating

Student Satisfaction

Elodie was the best teacher, professor, coach and language parent I could have asked for and she did it all with a smile. Whether you are in Montpellier for a short or extended stay, I couldn't recommend a better way to improve your French.'
‘Because class sizes are small, I have actually become friends with my classmates. Insitu French School has become a very important social outlet for me. I also really appreciate the flexibility of these courses. I take classes twice a week, and if there is a day I cannot go, it isn’t a problem. I pay when I go, I don’t pay when I don’t go.’
‘Her style of teaching allows her students to be at the center of their own content creation so that they can connect and resonate with what they are learning. The group and private lessons are a real pleasure, Elodie facilitates a balanced group dynamic where everyone can participate equally’
‘Elodie is a patient, thoughtful and supportive French teacher. She considers your needs and pushes you when necessary. I loved everything about my learning experience – the one on one sessions, the comfortable classroom and the flexibility to learn by doing.’
‘I really like the concept of her classes, the relaxing atmosphere, the superb notes that follow afterwards and her cafe😀. It's a very enjoyable way of learning and improving your French.’
‘Elodie is a wonderful teacher, very experienced, so kind, encouraging and patient. The program was adapted to my specific requirements and I feel more confident in communicating in french which was my aim.’
‘Elodie offers a great language program that is personal, flexible, and comprehensive. She develops her program geared directly towards each individual student’s goals and ability and is flexible and accommodating with the class schedule.’
‘A talented, imaginative and creative teacher, she has a real gift at facilitating conversation. Élodie’s enthusiasm is contagious, and the classes are always fun! She shares her knowledge and recommendations about Montpellier, so not only is my French improving, but I learn about the city, make friends from many different countries, and have a delightful time.’
‘Learning French was an amusing and enjoyable experience with Elodie and made me feel confident with French expression from a social to a professional level. A flexible schedule with customized private classes for my level and progressive introduction of more complex subjects helps me feel at home with this beautiful language.’
‘We had no previous experience of French but after just a few days with Elodie we were able to have short conversations. Her method is very effective. The classes are fast-moving so you never get bored. She gets right to the heart of what you need to know in order to progress quickly.’
Peter Jenson 🇬🇧
& Claudia Portes 🇲🇽
2 on 1
‘I am very happy with my experience with Elodie. She is an excellent teacher, very friendly and the atmosphere with her is always very pleasant and relaxed. Learning French with her is a very effective way and Elodie is able to find just the right things for me to learn.’
‘Starting at high school, I have had several French classes and private lessons. Elodie is one of the best French teachers, I have ever had. If five stars are the max, she deserves those all completely and six stars for friendliness.’


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